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Marriott Bonvoy And Dutch Electronic Duo Parallelle Release Club-Friendly Ep, “A Day In” Asia Pacific Edition

ZETIZENS.ID – Marriott Bonvoy, Marriott International’s portfolio of over 30 extraordinary hotel brands and award-winning travel program, and Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalists and electronic music composers, Parallelle, today launched a club-friendly EP titled “A Day in” Asia Pacific Edition to inspire travelers in embracing the power of travel through sound.

The newly released EP follows Marriott Bonvoy and Parallelle’s latest collaboration resulting in a distinctive five-part music video series inspired by the sounds of places, cultures and people at some of the most sought-after destinations in Asia Pacific.

From the bustling markets of Bangkok, the soft resonance of traditional Javanese gamelan to the tootle of traditional Indian horn Nadaswaram, passing by the impressive bang of the taiko and the acapella choirs of Fiji, each track is an audio postcard from Java, Fiji, Osaka, Bangkok and Bengaluru remixed into spirited club anthems that invites aspiring travelers to rediscover new and familiar destinations through characteristic sounds of each destination.

“Music has an extraordinary power to transcend boundaries and ignite the wanderlust within us. It not only evokes emotions and memories, but also paints a vivid picture of the world waiting to be explored. This collaboration features signature sounds across Asia Pacific, seeking to tap into the power of travel through sound and offering aspiring travelers a renewed perspective into new and familiar destinations,” shares John Toomey, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific (excluding China), Marriott International.

“We are beyond excited to finally release our club-friendly EP of “A Day In” Asia Pacific Edition. After recording a multitude of everyday-sounds, traditional instruments and soundscapes across Asia, we have finally turned them into harmonious musical compositions. We hope our music unlocks travellers’ curiosity and inspires them to embark on new adventures, and hopefully discover culture through a playful musical lens,” added Parallelle, Thomas and Julien De Bie.


From 11 December to 18 December, 2023, Marriott Bonvoy invites travelers and music lovers to participate in a social media giveaway campaign, “Where Does This Music Take You?”, on Marriott Bonvoy Asia Pacific’s Facebook page. Participants will guess the five destinations based on the sounds they hear from the music tracks, and share their favorite sound, and why, from one of the destinations.

Participants with the most creative answers will win a Marriott Bonvoy voucher valued at USD 100 each.


“A Day in” Asia Pacific Edition will make its first debut at Wonderfruit 2023, where the duo will play a compilation of all five club-friendly music tracks. The album is also available on Parallelle’s official channels on Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and Deezer.

For the full immersive visual and auditory experience, travelers and music lovers can catch the five-part film series on YouTube and Facebook, or check out Marriott Bonvoy’s official Instagram and TikTok more travel inspiration content. (Sobri)

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